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Your 11th house and Your Inner Humanitarian Based on Zodiac Natal Charts

Everyone has an inner humanitarian. You might be curious how you can show up in times of humanitarian crisis or wanting to activate your inner spiritual activist and awaken your liberation work... and if so, thank you! Thank you for caring to make a difference in the world. We need you! You are valued and loved, and you're on the right page of the space jam interverse.

Ready to lead?

Ready to inspire?

Ready to live a life that is rooted in community, and collective conscious awareness?

Ready for collective justice and want to know how to bring your best skills to the cosmic party?

Let's go!

Read on to learn your zodiac humanitarian archetype based on your natal chart.

You will need to know your birth natal chart.

Next, you will need to look at the 11th house of your wheel chart. If you have two signs cusping, then read for both of those signs.

Why the 11th House?

This house governs community, humanitarianism, collective healing, spirituality and social activism. It reveals how you operate in those sectors, how to embrace your inner charitable persona and how you can create good karma in the world through such emphasis.

Need your chart? Grab one for free, but you'll need your birth time and birth location if you don't have that info.


Aries in the 11th house:

You are the conductor, the maestro, and the leader when it comes to organizing or rallying the troops. With this fire sign in your 11th house of humanitarianism, it's time share your infectious motivation. You are naturally a passionate speaker, and know how to get others to act. Use this skill of enthusiasm and charisma to help spread important messages or initiatives that are supportive of the greater good. Tackle short-term goals or take on quick tasks, as endurance is not your strength and lengthier goals might be harder to finish for you. Delegate!

Taurus in the 11th house:

You are the calm and grounded personality everyone looks to for support during chaos. Your practical and methodical approach leaves no crumbs behind, because you are thorough and operate off intuition based logic. With this earth sign in your 11th house of humanitarianism, it's time to share your financial savviness with others. Maybe donate to charitable orgs or help fundraise for a cause that is important to you. Also, you're very resourceful and know how to be loyal. This is inspiring and helpful, especially since we live in a trendy digital world. You have a lot of cool contacts and important connections you can share with the underprivileged or those struggling. Allow others in on your cool hidden social groups if it benefits a global cause.

Gemini in the 11th house:

You are the connector, the collaborator, or better yet, the "it person (guy/girl)." You're well liked and well known among many. With Gemini in the 11th house of humanitarianism, you have the gift of the gab, and the intellect to match. You have an innate ability to look at others and discern their strengths. You can tell which personalities will click well and who could benefit from who byway of your introduction. We need more people like you, because you just want to see everyone succeed! You're also a natural thinker and deep philosopher. Bring your inquisitive thoughts by offering different perspectives when it comes to tackling problems or raising awareness around blind spots others might miss around an issue.

Cancer in the 11th house:

You are a gifted counselor, provide wonder advice and you know how to hold a safe space for others. You might be the "mom" or parent of your friend groups because you're constantly in tune with what everyone needs or feels. With Cancer in your 11th house of humanitarianism, you are an empath with supreme emotional intelligence and this is what makes you a leader. You are driven and competitive, and want to be the best or make sure you apply your best to important matters. This is why you can be counted on, you're dependable and loyal once you decide you want to dedicate your time to matters of the heart. You'd be great at creating a safe culture or managing community guidelines and enforcing community safety protocols in the revolution.

Leo in the 11th house:

You are the hippy, the freedom seeker, and the uber creative activist. You can easily create new trends and you bring a lot of boldness and bravery to others around you, which is super admirable about you. With Leo in the 11th house of humanitarianism, you are not only artistic, but you're passionate and loyal as well. Volunteer your creative skills or artistic talents to design inspiring quotes, murals or pamphlets for mission driven networks you're involved in. In a more unconventional way, you are great at uplifting the spirits of others thanks to the way you can naturally get the inner child of others riled up and hyped about mutual interests. You're definitely a great personality hire. Share your infectious smile and personality!

Virgo in the 11th house:

You are the disciplined diplomat of the group. We stan you because you keep us on track and, we're sorry if sometimes it might feel like you're herding cats. LOL! With Virgo in your 11th house of humanitarianism, you are locked-in and focused on scheduling, staying task-oriented and never miss a detail. You can lend your laser focused skills to help proofread, or be the final eyes on a project to make sure nothing was missed. You're the planner and the scheduler, and could excel in project management to help the groups you're involved with. You're also a wonderful fact checker and have a plethora of information in that mind. You are the routine machine, and we all need you because you keep groups grounded!

Libra in the 11th house:

You are passionate about social justice. You root for the under dog and you do not like oppression in any way. You are the courageous person who goes out of there way to help others when they don't feel seen or heard. You believe in karma and with Libra in the 11th house of humanitarianism, you are powerful at changing the structures of power. You are a true diplomat and you carry a natural authority to your persona. People respect you and will sometimes look to you for advice. You can help by sharing your wisdom, your words of advocacy and be a mentor to aspiring people in the areas of life you pride yourself in or have accrued esteemed reputation within. Lastly, you are a great mediator when tempers flare and can help diffuse disagreeing minds. You are a relationship builder and can help people come together for a common cause.

Scorpio in the 11th house:

You're intuitive, inquisitive, and have a hidden gift of being able to read someone's energy accurately. You are great at uncovering hidden information and secrets. You are the natural detective and problem solver. With Scorpio in the 11th house, you can lend your talents to the revolution by bringing your esoteric and occult wisdom to perform group candle magic or leading ancestral meditations to help others tap into the "other side" to gain spiritual support in collective matters. You can get overwhelmed easily by many personalities, so you operate better with 1-1 opportunities or smaller groups and can fatigue fast in large social settings. You're the behind-the-scenes director and don't need tons of credit or recognition, because you understand the true mission of it all.

Sagittarius in the 11th house:

You're not the most organized, but you are the most optimistic and expansive with your approach to life's biggest issues or questions. You bring out-of-the box thinking that can be refreshing and progressive to help spearhead campaigns or differentiate significant causes/goals from the competition. You're very spiritual and creative when you surround yourself with diverse personalities. Exposing yourself to different people also helps you generate inspiration from them. As a powerful teacher, and it doesn't have to be your literal profession, you are great at disseminating information or delivering words. Lend this skill to help onboard or recruit people for charitable causes.

Capricorn in the 11th house:

You are ambitious, you're a hard worker and your ethic is impeccable. You are often times put on a pedestal by others, and you are inspiring. Help others learn how to develop dedication and determination for a passionate cause by walking the walk and doing. Naturally, you do. With Capricorn in your 11th house of humanitarianism, you're a diligent worker. You are the boots on the ground informant and you know how to build. You create progress and know how to tackle extensive projects in order to see them through. You're literally, the do-er. You're also great with your hands. If there are skills with your hands, share them with your humanitarian buddies.

Aquarius in the 11th house:

You are the free-thinker, the eclectic person of the group, and you know how to ground such maverick ideas because you're the iconoclast. With Aquarius in your 11th house of humanitarianism, you have to trust your radical ideas because such radicalism brings change. You are comfortable with change as ironic as it sounds. You understand that healing doesn't arise from comfort, but discomfort must be posed for progressive shift forward. You have wonderful social skills and a powerful strategist. Lend your strategic mind for power building behind heart-centered matters for humanity.

Pisces in the 11th house:

You are the psychic, the oracle and deeply in tune with spirits. You bring a broad spiritual approach to worldly matters and feel deeply for those facing injustices. Bring your spiritual gifts and soul talents to keep others recharged whether through your reiki skills or your tarot readings. Let's say you're not into any spiritual tools yet, you are creative and can help translate the times through your transformational storytelling. Share your poetry or embrace your inner songwriter and help us chant through the revolution. With Pisces in the 11th house of humanitarianism, you are also a behind-the-scenes director type of personality. Plugging in important matters in programming whether you're a content creator or an editor, you have a visionary mindset for translating stories with depth.

Written by: Esoteric Esa (Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad)

Esoteric Esa's work has been featured in E! online, Bustle, Us Weekly and Freeform. She's written as a contributor in matters of astrology, brujeria, numerology, and decolonial spiritual work for Cosmopolitan, Popsugar, Remezcla, HipLatina, WeAllGrow Latina, and MiTu. Esoteric Esa is a certified reiki practicioner and has been eliminating negative misconceptions in taboo spiritual subjects since 2017. Esa is also a second-generation psychic tarot reader. Connect with her at or


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