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Why I’m Letting Go of the “I Attract” Mindset

The "I Attract" Mindset

Why I’m letting go of the “I Attract” mindset and Law of Attraction.

Is Law of Attraction Setting You Up for Self-Sabotage?

A Thought-Piece:

I don’t chase. I don’t attract. Why I’m letting go of the “I attract” mindset and law of attraction. That mindset is limiting.

At one point in my journey the mindset of "I Attract" was in alignment with me for that era of personal healing. I share this thought-piece because I want to propose a healthy challenge to do some self-exploration towards how we might be pigeonholing ourselves based off certain New Age teachings. Myself included. If at the end of this thought-piece you disagree with me, please note, I will not be offended at your difference in opinion and welcome the alternative POV.

I "Attract" affirmations and mindset are positioned as methods to assist the conscious mind with welcoming abundance. However at it's core, it states that your being is unbecoming and that your abundance is limited upon the approach of being found by attraction. Your existence, meaning your conscious approach to exist, is the lever of how you toggle into different frequencies and dimensions of energies in this human experience. You exist. Your existence of consciousness exposes the awareness of abundance [or lack of] you believe you’re worthy of. Saying, "I attract" is putting oneself outside of what’s already yours. I used to say “I attract” and now I’ve outgrown that limiting belief.

It’s simply part of the process of consciousness evolution. Examples: Choose to be offended? Boom! You've centered yourself in a experience that created that vibration. Choose to asses personal growth and change your perception on an outcome? Boom! You've separated yourself from the experience and transcended victim mentality.

Try replacing affirmations of law of attraction with “I am in my zone awareness and am in activate engagement with the abundance I consciously embody.”

There's a mainstream awareness around how problematic the law of attraction can be when approached from the perception of spiritually bypassing. However, here's how I've learned to appreciate the newfound awareness that Attraction Mindset and Law of Attraction have taught me. When we position ourselves into a mindset that attracting something, someone or experiences is beyond our vortex, or not part of our current experience, it allows one to assess where we still have lack mentality. Waiting to attract a desire puts the mindset back into chase, and triggers self-sabotage. That's why it never works, and you always feel anxious or disappointed. You're trying to manipulate your energy into a frequency you likely haven't grown into or maybe have outgrown. If we haven't done the internal work to meet whatever intention or desire we target, we must be triggered and cycle to the unhealed aspect of self to ascend into higher consciousness to meet the frequency of such vibration. Flow not force.

Additionally, self-awareness: are we consciously aware enough to asses how the experience is triggering the shadow self of the psyche that could be projecting lack onto the person, experience or the something?

There's a cliché quote that states: "A person can only meet you as deeply as they've met themselves." I wholeheartedly believe that. It's a wonderful quote to allow personal assessment into what narratives we are amplifying within our mind and spirits. What narratives we are allowing to feed off our spirits as draining entities and, which are we allowing to fuel our spirit as powerful life force energy?

You are enough at exactly the current state of being you exist in. You are abundance in state of being. You are not attracting because you are interconnected to all that is. Limiting belief convinces you that you are not.

This is where doing deep work to reclaim our spirits that have experienced harm from capitalism, trauma, the patriarchy, and socioeconomic stressors is a way to nurture our spirits and reclaim the mindset that abundance is not exclusive to only the rat race of the 1 percenters of this Earthly realm.

Abundance is the Magician within you. Abundance is the alchemy of your state of being and its constant shapeshifting.

Abundance is your birthright.

You are in active engagement with the abundance that resides within you and all around you.

You are in activate participation with worthy experiences and people that meet or amplify your soul of abundance.

And lastly for the shadow work:

I am in a constant state of loving awareness that allows me to transcend soul oppression through the interaction of healthy and unhealthy soul contracts.

And so it is.

Xx // Esa


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