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This is Why You're Spiritually Poor

Have You Once Lived in Spiritual Poverty?

Insight into Unraveling Harmful and Unauthentic Monotony

Were you once spiritually poor? I was. This is why you're probably feeling stuck. Actually, this is how we become "stuck" during life's transitions. Do you remember a time where you felt stuck because you were looking outward instead of inward for your authentic solution?

Chances are when you're feeling stuck it's because you're self-rejecting instead of self-regulating.

What if you're not feeling stuck in this era of your life? That's dope. Chances are you had to work through your weird.

What makes you weird makes you wealthy -- spiritually wealthy. That's how you unlock the root issue of why you're experiencing a blockage in life. Where are you chasing conformity? Conformity is survival. Conformity is unauthentic monotony; a symbolic death. Conformity keeps us in comfort and complacent. Conformity killed your creativity. Somewhere along the way you were told your weird is too dangerous to express. Because your weird is your key to success.

Embracing what others identify within you as weird is what leads you to self-discovery. Uncovering a deeper curiosity of self and an even deeper understanding of what makes you unique. That leads to tapping into your skills and enhancing your natural talents both spiritually and as a human♡.

Spiritual poverty is the idea that you cannot be YOUrself. It's built on the basis that not living in your truth must be your truth [that's wack]. Spiritual poverty is the normality of societal conditioning that survival conformity is a way of successfully blending in because embracing your unique self-expression would only be met with shame. How is shame keeping you spiritually poor? Can you identify your first experience with shame? Often, we can be shamed for being curious and independently curated.

Clients and students commonly ask me how can they find their life purpose or how can they figure out what they're meant to do in this incarnation. I can't tell you what to become because you are becoming on a spectrum. What I can encourage is, be your own version of weird. In other words, having a strong purity vision of your sense of self: including flaws, strengths, and everything in between.

Weird is interchangeable for innovative.

Weird is just a word for daring.

Weird is inspiring.

Weird is refreshing.

What makes you weird makes you wealthy.

May you manifest wisely.

Xx // Esa


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