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Types of Spiritual Relationships: Soulmates vs Twinflames

Love and fantasy. Desire is a human instinct. Love is the highest frequency that exists in this dimension. We all want healthy love in our relationship dynamics. We are all worthy of conscious partnerships. However, “true love,” does that exist? Divine counterparts certainly exist. You’re curious about the differentiation of spiritual relationships in love, and the title of true love is opinionated on factors only you can measure in your platonic and love relationships.

Seeing hella synchronicities about someone? Seeing repeated signs, numbers or their name everywhere you look? This is because the Universe is communicating to you that this is a significant person in your life! You’ll encounter synchronicities for every spiritual relationship: soulmates, karmic, toxic connections, twinsouls and twinflames.

Regardless of the love relationship you end up in, union with self is priority.

To get you started, let’s identify classifications of buzzwords you’ve likely heard of in the spiritual community. Whether a tarot reader mentioned twinflame or you read somewhere on Instagram that your love interest is your soulmate, all confusion aside, here’s your guide to better navigate Types of Spiritual Relationships.


Before we begin, it’s imperative to discuss the concept of karma. This is a word you have or will see very often in the spiritual community. Karma is an exchange of energy. Overtime, it’s been detonated to a negative connotation of its meaning. Karma can’t be simplified. It’s nuanced, complex and crucial as an energetic currency in this existence. We accrue and create karma not only from past-lives, but daily.

Every interaction you have with someone, whether via interpersonal or not, even the grocery store clerk, is an energy exchange of karma.

The energy we put out that boomerangs back around. The law of cause and effect.

Seems straightforward, but karma isn’t only bad. There is good karma. Karma is neutral and what you do with karma as the magician is what creates its polarity of “good vs. bad.”

Therefore karmic soulmates can serve you a higher purpose regardless. Every soulmate or love relationship in your life is karmic. Doesn’t mean it was a shit show, although some probably, but it means you exchanged energy, learned a soul lesson, and fulfilled a soul contract with such individuals and vice versa with you.

Essentially every friendship, all your family members and every lover in your lifetime will be a karmic soulmate. Doesn’t mean it’s negative. It simply means, each one, teach one. Controversially, yes, you can meet divine counterparts (aka: soulmates,

twin flames, twin souls) who are in committed relationships or married. I am not saying you should pursue or not pursue people in other spiritual engagements. I’ll leave that up to you to decide. I am not the police of morality.


This is a common term tossed around in spirituality. To be frank, there’s no hierarchy when it comes to unconditional love. You can find fulfilling love with a soulmate and it wouldn’t make the magnitude of this relationship any less significant.

Soulmates are a plethora. Meaning, we have many soulmates in this lifetime. We incarnate with a soul family. We come in as soul groups (also known as generations). However, you’re not limited to soulmates only in your soul group. This is why age is only a human construct when it comes to identifying love within another individual. You can fall in love with someone outside of your soul group (generation).

Some will say soulmate relationships are “easier” to be in. Truthfully, relationships will always have their highs and lows. The conscious approach to any relationship is the testament of what makes a spiritual relationship harmonious or not. Soulmate relationships offer an equally deep connection that any of the other spiritual relationship labels offer.

Soulmates aren’t only love related, but also platonic (e.g. friends, children, family, etc). In the context of love, significant soulmates you interact with can be short-lived or stay for a lengthy time in your life. Soulmates abide by spiritual soul contracts. What that soul contract is between the two of you is dependent on the soul lesson offered.

You can certainly live a long-lasting and fulfilling life with a soulmate. You don’t need to run off with a twin flame in order to have a meaningful relationship. Just FYI.

You’ll know someone is a soulmate when you energetically feel interested or connected to them. The feeling will be mutual even if it possibly ends up as unrequited love. A soulmate interaction will feel like an instant attraction. Yes, soulmate interactions are magnetic! You’ll feel a whole body recognition of that person. You’ll be intrigued by this person by first interaction and not know why. They spark curiosity within you by way of energy. Everything is energy!

Some soulmates have spent past-lives together as well. This is something you can find out in a tarot reading, Akashic records session or past-life regression therapy session.

Karmic Soulmates

Every soulmate relationship is karmic, but is it toxic? That’s the difference. Karmic soulmates simply means there is a predestined contract you and that person created in the spiritual realm (5D aka: fifth dimension) before deciding to incarnate this lifetime. Most karma between soulmates seems to center around self-healing. Assisting the other with better understanding what self-love is in arrival and completion of the union.

Sometimes that karma can represent being “first loves” to one another. It can vary from needing to fulfill a family with one another. Sometimes the karma between soulmates is to have a child together, but not end up together. In other cases, it means marriage and

divorce. On the other end of the spectrum, a long marriage to your dying days. All dependent on again, conscious awareness of both parties and the co-creation you both bring to the table as you navigate the various factors of life.

When karmic soulmates become unhealthy this is when we classify this dynamic as toxic.

Toxic Soulmates

“They’re a toxic soulmate!” You might hear now and again on YouTube tarot readings. Your heart sinks and you’re devastated. Maybe this message reassures what you’ve been feeling. Maybe this comes to you as a surprise because you grew up viewing unhealthy relationship dynamics as the norm and this is now a catalyst to a spiritual awakening for you.

Toxic soulmates are harmful. They can be emotionally, physically and spiritually abusive. In extreme cases they can be borderline narcissistic or violent. If that’s the case you can absolutely seek help at 800-799-7233 with the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Remember you are not alone and there is always help available.

Let’s say you’re not in an abusive relationship - not mentally or physically. Yet, you both just can’t seem to communicate effectively and there’s a lot of projecting onto one another. Wanting to change a soulmate in situations where they are unable or unwilling to change for their own betterment, let alone that of the relationship, is a case of a toxic soulmate. This is when one should assess whether they should stay or leave. If you stay and the cycle keeps repeating, maybe things won’t ever change for good.

Toxic soulmates sometimes operate off trauma wounds. Fear of loneliness or abandonment can sometimes keep people stuck in toxic soulmate relationships knowing that the dynamic just doesn’t work. However, out of fear of not wanting to leave the relationship, because that will force the individual to stare at their injury wounds from childhood, they stay in this constant loop of toxicity with a partner. This is in no way therapy advice or should be treated as such. Please be sure to seek therapy or counsel if you find yourself questioning your relationship as toxic.

Twin Flames

This concept is as old as time. Some of its first references of twin flames can be attributed to Plato. In Plato’s Symposium, he references “man” being split into two halves. This then creates its masculine and feminine equivalents. Feel free to apply this concept appropriately to any gender classifications that fit for you. They don’t have to abide by gender norms and can be female and female, male and male dynamics.

There’s a lot of hype and misconceptions around Twin flames. Usually, you and this person will have many similarities and many differences. Twin flame dynamics are almost always love related, but they can end up being a significant friendship in your life.

Twin flame dynamics at times will seem impossible because they “require” a lot of healing hurdles. Twin flames will meet, instantly feel insanely drawn to each other, then separate. They separate almost immediately by destined circumstances like moves, job relocation, long periods of travel. Or in many cases, they’re in a karmic soulmate relationship and need to figure out if they are ready to heal within or outside of that connection.

Many people ask if they will end up in union with their twin flame, and that’s really dependent on you and your twin. However, yes, a lot of twins end up in relationships whether short-lived or long lasting.

You can also identify as a twin flame and not have met your twin flame yet. Usually twins meet at a point in time when both feel they are finally living their true life purpose. They are doing well in the 3D (everyday life), and feel a sense of fulfillment in what they do for profession or purpose. Then boom! They meet, feel this insane connection and interact for sometime only to be shortly pulled apart.

As far as the runner/chaser dynamics and more details about twin flame dynamics you can read that here in an article I wrote for HipLatina:


Twinsouls are mirror souls that are platonic. Meaning, you can have a best friend, sibling or child who you completely vibe with. Someone you feel deeply fond of and see a lot of similarities within one another. Twinsouls also work harmoniously together and are meant to guide, foster and teach each other in this lifetime. You can have that one friend who is absolutely your “other half.” They don’t necessarily complete you, but they feel like home. Twinsouls help bring balance and peace into your life.

What Type of Relationship Are You In?

Curious to know about the love in your life? Wondering if they’re your soulmate, karmic toxic or twin flame? We can assess that with Astrology! This is where astrological synastry charts come in. You can book one with me on my official site. You’ll need both yours and their full date of birth, time and location. Learn more here:

Connect with more resources at

*this blog post is intended for self-reflective purposes. It is theory and opinion-based off my personal thoughts and philosophy. Do not substitute this post for certified therapy support.


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