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Personal Year Number Horoscope for 2024

Your Personal Year Number

It changes every year, and so do you.

Author: Esoteric Esa (Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad)


Numerology offers a lot of insight into energy as a language, and how your aura and consciousness work with its presence whether you’re actively trying to or not.

From the notorious Life Path number to your Soul Urge number, there’s a lot in your personal numbers chart that numerology wants you to decipher. Amidst all these, there’s one number that changes every year for you unlike the rest. Chances are, this number influences you more than you might know.

That’s the personal year number. It’s personal to you. Your PYN for short. It also includes your birthdate in the formula calculation, which guarantees accuracy. A personal year number sets the tone annually and gives you a general understanding of the themes you’ll undergo. It’s like a cycle of numbers that go from one through nine, and reset over and over again because the core foundations of numerology operate off the universal principles of all numbers reducing back to a number between one through nine.

Keeping up with your PYN is something I recommend you work in tandem with for the rest of your incarnation here if you’re dedicated to creating your reality as a conscious manifestor. As a numerologist, I love calculating my PYN at the end of the Gregorian calendar so I can prepare, meditate and take notice of how the upcoming year’s PYN is already subtly inspiring me as I shift into a new vibration. This is a fun exercise to do for yourself or with friends and loved ones, especially if you’re hosting a vision board party or communing with like minded individuals to set intentions for your year ahead.

I am exiting a personal year number nine in 2023 and entering a brand new personal year number one in 2024, which I am receiving with a grateful heart. Sitting and exploring a PYN this year in 2023 allowed me to journey into the energies of the nine. Those are self-awareness, solitude, spirituality, and ending of cycles. Safe to say I underwent themes parallel to those concepts, if not more. I retreated, and focused on myself a lot this year. I explored new identities I wanted to birth, and I pulled my energy back from the World, online, and from anyone who had easy access to me. Not as a defense mechanism, but in a conscious effort to pour back into myself, my needs, my passions and newfound hobbies. I loved being in a PYN nine because I was selfishly tending to my soul, and it helped me heal in a magnitude of ways, but also reclaim my joy.

How do we figure out our personal year numbers? It’s a simple math formula anyone can do.

Take your birth date and replace your birth year with the year you’re calculating for. In this case we’ll calculate for 2024 so you’ll replace your birth year with 2024 instead.

Example: My birthday is Jan. 28, 1989. That translates to 01-28-1989.

I’ll keep the month number and day of the month of my birth date every year I calculate my PYN. Then replace my birth year every single time with the year I am curious about.

For 2024 I am undergoing a 1 PYN.

Here’s how I got to that: 01+28+2024 = [0+1] 1+ [2+8] 10 + [2+0+2+4] 8 = 10/1

You add every single number in this formula until you reduce back to a digit of one through nine. Mine added up to a 10, but in numerology nothing goes beyond a nine, therefore, I added 1+0 and got to a 1 PYN.

Now it’s your turn! Add yours.

Birth month + Day of month + 2024 = ______

Moving forward you’ll do the exact same formula, but replace it with 2025, etc.

Tip: Make sure you add your month if its a double digit like Oct. through Dec., down to a single number and the same goes for the day you were born on. If you add everything up and get to a sum in a double digit, reduce that sum back down to a single digit. That’s the rule and the key.

Now that you know your Personal Year Number for 2024, read on for your PYN Horoscope.

You can come back to this in 2025 for your consecutive PYN and so on and so forth. Your PYN always adds up by an additional number moving forward year after year, and that’s a simple trick to not have to add up every time. In short, this year I am a PYN nine, in 2024 I’ll be a PYN 1, and in 2025 I’ll undergo a PYN 2.

But let’s focus on the present before we get too ahead of ourselves. Enjoy!

Personal Year Number Horoscopes:

PYN 1: Congrats! You’re in the energy of The Magician, and it’s time for a fresh new start. This can translate into new beginnings across the board or in specific areas of life you’ve been intentional about. This is a year of stepping into a leadership role, starting new projects and putting yourself first. You’ll be very focused on yourself, but also very enthusiastic and energetic. Use this energy to go after your fears and conquer new territory. It’s a year of expansion.

PYN 2: This is a year of collaborations, contracts or partnerships. Instead of going solo, you’re interested in building alongside other creators. Notice your efforts will go further when you allow the assistance of others to compliment your strengths. Equally, you’re focused on love and self-love. Singles can find new romance this year. Those in taken, can expect their relationship to become more intimate and dependable. You’re in the energy of the giver. Allow yourself to reciprocate this energy, too. Most importantly, your intuition will be on a powerful level.

PYN 3: It’s a year of creativity for you. Fertility, fun and artistic expression, hunny. Love this for you. Moments of cynicism and your inner self-critic might creep up on you during this transit for you to shut down. No time for that because you’re going to be busy tapping into this energy of fruitful synergy. You’re going to be the go-to person for others to call on for your expertise or knowledge in your field/passion and you’re leveling up in productivity management as well. This is a year of learning how to streamline your time and efforts because you’ll be full of ideas and this can easily become overwhelming especially if you don’t follow through on said fulfillments.

PYN 4: Focused, dedicated, and building an empire are all synonymous with this number. You might feel tied to work or career, and especially family matters. Equally, it’s a year of delving deeper into your ancestral magic and cultural roots. This is a year to emphasize wealth building. What brings value and wellness to your life? This energy can feel slow and methodical, and practicality is the way. Don’t rush or drag your feet. It’s all about balance this year.

PYN 5: Change is here. Five is the number of changes and inconsistency. I love to say, you are a continuum and not a constant. Radical transitions and positive transformations are all around you this year. There are many things you’ll have to let go and release. Adaptability over resistance is the key with this PYN. You’ll feel called to make drastic decisions, and you’ll want to practice a grounding routine this year. You might become avoidant, especially of responsibilities. Wanderlust and freedom are calling your name. Have fun, in healthy moderation.

PYN 6: Things are coming back around for revival or a reset. Good or bad, there are karmic cycles you’ll need to confront and complete. This is the energy of life’s responsibilities and obligations. You’re obligated to certain soul contracts this period. Some to you and some to others, but it isn’t all burdensome. Applying a positive approach is part of the growth mindset here. You’ll learn how to change your perspective this year, and for the better. There will be commitments you can’t get out of, so honor them and see how they can become teachable moments. Overall, business is where you’ll find your most success.

PYN 7: As one of the most spiritual numbers, this is an energy of spiritual growth. You might feel lethargic or feel the need to isolate in order to go inward, so honor that hunch. This is a year of self-reflection and building a spiritual approach to life. You’ll find inspiration in the metaphysical realms and philosophy. It’s a period where you’ll feel the need to protect your energy and only give access to those who are worthy of your time. The inner self-critic can be loud this PYN. Work on lingering judgmental tendencies towards others along with how you apply that to yourself.

PYN 8: Let go of control and watch the abundance flow. This is an abundant number that brings great fortune, prosperity and success with it. Emphasis on your material world is heightened and you’ll have much opportunity to reach accomplishments. Tap into this energy of the builder and leader. You’ll be very inspirational to many around you. Working on your self-esteem is a key theme. Be sure not to block your emotional intellect as well.

PYN 9: You are growing from the student and into the master - or teacher, rather? Self-mastery and advocating for your needs is prominent. Screaming at you loudly is your higher self because your soul wisdom is daring you to let go of all outdated identities in order to tap into your soul’s truth. It’s a year of setting aside logic and navigating the Earthly realm through spiritual wisdom that can transpire from an emotional lens. You will graduate into new perspectives - most especially the way you perceive yourself. A major karmic cycle will complete this year for you as well.

Editor’s note: If you add up to a Master Number 11 or 22 in your PYN read for their reduced numbers of PYN 2 or PYN 4. Master numbers don’t count in PYN as they do for Life Path Numbers.

Xx// Esoteric Esa (Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad)



Esoteric Esa (Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad) is a first and second generation Mexican-Peruvian American Latina who has been advocating the breaking of generational curses, and negative misconceptions in taboo Latinx spiritual subjects such as brujeria and ancestral reclamation since 2017. As the host of the two-time People's Choice Award-winning Podcast, Better Work Bitch!, she has championed raising awareness among BIWOC voices in the spiritual realms. Esa is an Astrologer, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Tarot Reader,

and Bruja. Her written work has been published in BuzzFeed PeroLike, Cosmopolitan, Popsugar, HipLatina, MiTu and Remezcla. As a second generation psychic tarot reader and intuitive, Esa centers resources for the Latine community that welcome curiosity while simultaneously exploring authentic embodiment as means of reconnecting with the intuitive self.



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