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Learn How to Become an Intuitive Badass Through the Assistance of Gemstones!

If you’re reading this chances are at some point in your life you’ve experienced “funny little coincidences” or you’ve just “had a gut feeling” about a person and/or situation, am I right? I know! ;) I’m glad you decided to follow your intuition and click on this read. It takes a great deal of courage to acknowledge that there’s something more to it. BRAVO!

Clearly you want to trust your intuition more, but you’ve just needed that extra push to pursue the journey. Look no further, in this blog post we’ll go over how using gemstones (AKA crystals) can guide you to becoming the true intuitive badass you really are.

Here’s a secret: Everyone has the ability to tap into their intuition. It’s just a matter of developing a great sense of trust in yourself. Let go of any self-doubt and see the magic come into fruition.

So how can you get started? Simple. Here are a few steps to getting started.

Step 1:

If you haven’t already, start educating yourself on the plethora of crystals that exist. Tons of information is available online as you probably presumed. Reminder, don’t focus on memorizing the many stones that are out there and what their uses are, rather, just read to get acquainted. It’s mean to be fun and inspiring. Not a homework assignment.

Step 2:

Go outside of your comfort zone and step into to your local spiritual store. In doing so, not only will it be extremely inspiring and educational, but you’ll expose yourself to naturally selecting stones that gravitate to you. This is a fun way of really personalizing your journey into spiritual intuition. Think of it as an easy activity to getting started on your journey. Eventually you’ll begin a collection of your own, and you’ll realize that the right stones reach out to you in the most spontaneous of times, which end up appearing as a “funny coincidence” for whatever situations you might be experiencing in your life at that moment.

Step 3:

Begin meditating with your crystal babies. This is how you’ll start refining your intuition. There are variations and eventually you’ll develop your own preference of meditating with your stones. Please remember this is simply a suggestion to help you launch your own practices.

What you’ll need: Pen and notepad, your crystal(s) in a bowl, and an open mind.

Begin by retreating to an environment that offers no distractions. Simply you and your intuition as the inhabitants of this place. Release any lingering thoughts and relax.

You’ll want to have the bowl of your stones within arm’s reach. Close your eyes and pull a stone that you gravitate to. Without looking at the stone, observe what you feel, sense, anything that pops out at you and write this down in your notepad. Sometimes these observations will be as simple as: the stone is cold, or it feels smooth. That’s okay. Some of you may have more escalated experiences such as: automatically feeling some sort of emotion, smell a scent, or see flashes of color in your mind.

Once you feel you’ve received as much information for the stone as possible then you’ll want to open your eyes and see which beauty you pulled. From there, write down what your stone was and what new information you receive from the stone. By doing this practice you’ll begin to hone in on your intuition and start realizing how capable you are of being an intuitive badass.

A stone great for amplifying your spiritual journey is Amethyst. If you don’t have one in your collection yet, no worries. As part of our launch, every shirt purchase will include the option of receiving a free crystal of your choice. Amethyst is one of the three options. The other two options will be announced in later blog posts.

So stay tuned!

Hopefully this inspires you and helps you jumpstart your journey into spirituality through crystals.

P.S. Don’t forget to cleanse your stones prior to use. If you have any questions as to how to cleanse them feel free to drop a comment. If you have specific cleansing rituals and would like to share, please feel inspired to do so in the comments as well. Hopefully you found this post informative.

Love & Light,

  • Jasmin Alejandrez of SOULIMINATI

About Contributing Writer, Jasmin:

Jasmin is in no way a self-proclaimed spiritual advisor, guru or teacher. The intentions of this post, along with all contributing posts via SOULIMINATI, are to provide educational formats for those seeking to learn more while on their ever-evolving spiritual journey. The goal is to create good intentions through clothing, crystals, and blog posts. Peace.

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