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Starting the Conversation w Your Higher Self Thru Candles (velas)

Candles are staples in our cultures no matter whether you're Latinx or not. The power of flame is something that has been highly regarded by past civilizations as a means of starting your conversation with Spirit - Our Highest Self.

*Pictured above are candles that I will begin setting this week for special intentions.

So many of you are being guided by energy tribes such as your ancestors, spirit guides, Source energy, and your Highest Self; that are willing to communicate with you through the beauty of a flame - candles.

There are so many methods available for use for us to tap further into our journeys of becoming more aware of how to rely on our Highest Self. Candles are just one method of many that I personally utilize.

Flame/candles is a wonderful tool to utilize when wanting to set intentions, speak with Spirit (or God), connect with ancestors or guides. These are collective methods of getting to know our Higher Self better!

If you're curious to begin working with fire energy then simply light a candle during your morning or evening meditations, when you're working with your divination practices or when you're praying. That's the first step. You've likely seen candles in your homes growing up -- your family members have been practicing their own variations of connecting with their Highest Self during their prayers or conversations with God (or Source). Utilizing candles for intentions doesn't make it evil or negative. To the contrary, it's all light work and all about your intentions.

Have you started utilizing candles to begin your conversation with your Higher Self? Maybe you use them for your altars? Or do you have them mostly for decorative purposes?

Candles are powerful tools to strengthen our communication with source energy.

Always remember, where your intentions flow, that's where energy will grow.

Manifest wisely,

Esoteric Esa

AKA: Your Esoteric Homegirl Jasmin


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