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How to Decolonize Your Spiritual Journey as a Latina

When we think of spirituality we can naturally place it into a category with religion. However, there's a huge difference between a spiritual practice and a religious practice. A spiritual practice can be part of a component embedded into a religious practice, but they're certainly not the same.

As Latinas/es, colonized religion has been a huge part of our diverse cultures. Whether it's Christianity, Catholicism or Judaism, religion has always been gaslighted into our spiritual understanding as the all seeing, all knowing and the authoritative voice of accountability and power. You're here because you're either questioning leaving religion entirely behind, questioning why you might feel so called towards unconventional spirituality such as brujería, or trying to figure out how you can integrate your sacred spiritual practice with your current religious beliefs. Maybe you've already shed the burden of colonial religion and are ready to further decolonize your spirituality, welcome!

It could feel confusing, daunting and as one tries to work through guilt and shame of stepping away from your religious upbringing. However, this is a natural progression into your personal decolonial healing journey. Questioning everything that has ever been indoctrinated onto you or within you mentally, physically and spiritually is a painfully liberating process. Congrats, amigx.

As a Latina/e, our cultures and spiritual expressions are not a monolith. However, here are simple ways you can start integrating decolonizing methods into your spirituality as you step into becoming The Modern Spiritual Latina™.

How to Get Started

This is probably the most unclear aspect of the journey, but certainly the most confirming and rewarding.