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As a gentle reminder as it relates to my bookings of services! 

I do not accept or honor cancelations, rainchecks, refunds, exchanges, and I do not hold a waitlist for readings in case of cancelations. I allow a 15min grace period for late shows during sessions, but if you're late past 15mins or don't arrive, then I mark the session as a no-show. If you want to reschedule your session that is a $30 rescheduling fee for non-Patreon members and $15 rescheduling fee to honor Patreon members as priority.


Unfortunately, I do not have the bandwidth or capacity to keep up with the high supply and demand of folks wanting to fill cancelation spots. I am booked until mid-July, and I kindly encourage you to book now instead of waiting, if you're considering -- because my calendar books quickly. All sales are final and I am not legally held responsible for any financial losses or decisions made after any of our sessions together. If you have any questions, feel free to reply back. Thank you.

With gratitude.


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