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Transitioning From Guru Spirituality to Cosmic Awakening: The Societal Shift

It's become apparent that Gurus in Spirituality are slowly becoming beloved icons of the past...

No dis. All love.

What I mean is this... hear me out for a sec.

Cosmic Awakenings are sort of like this odd ball reality shift that is happening to folks like myself on a daily basis. The amount of starseeds here (&if you ask me, essentially everyone is a starseed just as much as everyone is intuitive - take a sec, think about it) who have incarnated to assist with the ascension process of Cosmic Consciousness is strengthening in numbers.

For us to ascend as Earth beings we are constantly energetically evolving, right? Think about our history as humans. Generation after generation, we've evolved, invented, and ascended according to the appropriate energetic timeline.

What's next on the energetic timeline? Cosmic Consciousness.

A "new" and still very very misunderstood concept in our society. Any time I try having a discussion around this topic I'm viewed as the weird "ALIEN" guy from the History channel. LOL! He's pretty dope if you ask me though.

If you're a starseed who has come across this blog post I'm sharing this thought piece for you from my heart based intentions to know that you're not alone. You might feel hella crazy, misunderstood or crazy - how many times should I reiterate that? HA!

Just know the role you're playing is crucial in your future assignment of holding space for the ascension process of cosmic awakening for others out there. Don't get it twisted though, I'm certainly not writing this to position us as the new cool kids, because I don't do EGO.

However, I'm here to hold space for you if you're currently questioning your sanity, reality and your traditional 3D life that now you've just realized is this whole other level of trepidation, which questions and challenges all of us to expand our spiritual journeys.

Years from now this will eventually be a thing of the norm. Keep holding space in your heart for yourself and others. Know that it won't be easy and not everyone will be open to it. But stay focused, stay grounded and stay in love.

Science is Spirituality my friends. :)

Love + Light,

Esoteric Esa

AKA: Your Esoteric Homegirl Jasmin

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