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From Novice to Numerologist

Astrology was my gateway drug so to speak...

...Then everything BEGAN.

I want to offer up the opportunity to share my story for those of you who are willing to get more intimate with my journey. I think it is important for ALL OF US to share our journeys because collectively we're all living the same dream in our own altered states. Independently, but Together. What an oxymoron. Eventually you start to comprehend that life is one giant oxymoron and that's what makes it so delicate and delightful.

Until I was able to arrive at this mental state that I'm currently inhibiting while I write up this blog post -- it took a lot of hard lessons of developing from MANY states of UNCONSCIOUS behaviors. In this incarnation I NEEDED to experience and break free of so many toxic people and situations and EVEN acknowledge the TOXIC role I succumbed too at one point. I don't think many of us talk about our asshole cocoons that a good portion of us have morphed from. Those periods of unconscious behaviors led me down this path of esoteric ROMANCE.

I began my journey into this mystic world through brave souls who were putting Astrology into the forefront from watching Walter on TV. And, even experience someone near and dear to me who was subtly planting the seeds for me. I grew up in a strict Catholic Latinx household and everything in my household revolved around that. But, little did I know that my Grandmother was/is my direct tie to all of my metaphysical fantasies. You see, my Grandmother is a psychic tarot reader, and palm reading extraordinaire. She read my palm at the age of 9 and gifted me with my first crystal stone at 10-years-old. Those influences from her quickly fizzled out when I learned to live in FEAR for my lineage of esoteric knowledge once I became ingrained with the messaging from my parents that Catholicism is my one truly holy right of passage - and I say that with love!

So, what's a girl to do besides become a closet spiritualist? I spent my time buying books in Middle School from book fairs on subjects such as Nostradamus, countless other Royal "Seers" of the Medieval Centuries, and basic Astronomy and Astrology books. I literally became OBSESSED with quickly reading my Aquarius Horoscope in the Teen Vogue while waiting in line at the supermarket while my mom checked out at the register. HA! Who can relate?

It wasn't until my mid-twenties until I started taking up my enthusiasm for the stars again and understanding the connection between our spirit and energy from the cosmos. When I experienced my first Spiritual Awakening in 2013 I turned to Astrology for A LOT of self-help, and during my DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL in 2015 I was full BLOW immersed in not only Astrology but Numerology.

I wanted to understand more about what separates us from this timeline on Earth with regards to the concept of what we TRULY are, a forever soul - SOURCE energy. The vibrations and science behind Numerology became so accurately telling of all the things that had happened to me up until 2016. It was comforting to be able to understand all the pieces of the puzzle that I as able to form together through Astrology and Numerology. I felt as if I had struck GOLD and finally came to a place of understanding my life's work. From that point on I made it my mission to work up the courage to be AUTHENTIC to who I am. I started really applying myself towards detaching from EGO and the layers of attachment I have had to so many people, things, experiences, situations, materialism, SOCIETY! ALL OF IT!

I could go on about the era from 2016-2017, but let's just say it was filled with soil. I got DIRTY. I had to check myself a LOT and although I was uncomfortable I had to remind myself of the BIGGER picture. What the end goal was. Attaining this incarnation not as the conditioned Jasmin I had led myself to deeply believe to be (forget the accomplishments, the lifestyle, the amazing job, the dope salary). I instead needed to constantly remind myself that embodying my version of my living truth will SET ME FREE.

So I took up mentorship in Astrology and Numerology after years of a lot of self-taught methods. You know when they say, "when the student is ready the teacher will arrive"? Well that shit IS TRILL. LOL! I mean once I declared upon the Universe that I was ready, BING! Like an instant doorbell I met the woman I call today, my beloved mentor. She's unselfishly taught me everything she knows because that's what Brown Girl Magic does. We fucken rise together yo! I am so grateful for her unconditional love.

That's how I've gotten to this point in my life professionally practicing Astrology and Divination Numerology. NEVER in a million years would 23-year-old fresh outta college - straight into corporate America would Jasmin EVER say she'd be a Numerologist. That would've been the strangest idea of a "job." But here today, I stand living in my truth and I feel so damn liberated, so damn bomb AF to be able to see I'm finding my way and in turn, I'm helping others around me who are truth-seekers. All I want to do in this incarnation is help us all GROW and understand who we are individually a little bit better.

Because, baby girl, if no one has ever told you, YOU ARE MAGIC! You're UNIQUE, SPECIAL and deserving of all of Life's blessings. Wake up, get ready, and do the damn thing.

With gratitude,

Esoteric Esa

AKA: Your Esoteric Homegirl Jasmin

Love + Light!

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