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What Sisterhood has Taught Me

I'm the eldest of two children. I'm blessed to have a younger brother who I consider to be someone I can count on. Growing up I always wished I had an older sister. I had plenty of friends throughout childhood who could flaunt their amazing relationship with their sister, and to be honest, I always wished I had the opportunity to say that. To say, "my sister and I went to the mall over the weekend," or "Well, my sister says..." or "My sister is my best friend." Overtime, that jealousy I had for friends of mine who could boast about their sisterhood subsided because I grew accustomed to the fact that that wasn't the case for me this lifetime.

So instead, I've ALWAYS held my friendships with my girlfriends CLOSE. I really value my girlfriends and honestly they became my family -- my sisters, whether they know that or not. So much so, to the extent that my entire bridal party were my girlfriends and I didn't have a single female cousin as a bridesmaid - I realize that afterwards while reflecting on this blog.

What I'm trying to convey is that although I lacked the opportunity to have a blood sister, I've been so fortunate to make up for what I've always seen as a misfortune, and instead have created that sisterhood with my friendships, and the bonds I create with other women. The reason why I really enjoy putting on my seminars and workshops is because of the sisterhood I am able to build among the souls in attendance. I mean, look at the photo above! Seeing women connect with other gals they've never met and feeling vulnerable enough to drop their egos at the door to create bonds and HUG!? This. Is. EVERYTHING. to me. I just can't get enough from it. Truly makes my heart smile.

The photo above was taken at my most recent Crystal Stone and Palo Santo Exchange Workshop on Jan. 13, 2019. Several returning beauties participated and many new womyn attended. This workshop was an interactive healing session that allowed us to create SAFE open dialogue to discuss our weaknesses and free up room for the love frequency that we are all deserving of. Every single woman in that room on Sunday helped me co-create such a magical workshop. I'd have to say it's definitely one of my favorite events I've held and moderated because I could feel the healing taking place. No bullsh*t. It really makes me emo to know that these women cared significantly to help one another overcome their mental limitations by offering up a judgement-free shoulder to lean on, gentle advice and most importantly, LOVE. True, sisterhood.

Titles can really get us so hung up on the conditioned illusions of our reality. Yet, what I'm learning more and more everyday is that we make this dream we call life whatever we make it out to be. It's 1,000% authentic to me for me to be able to declare that these boss babes I meet throughout my journey are part of my SISTERHOOD. Somos hermanas. Blood or not, we're soul family. <3

Sure, I may not have an actual Alejandrez blood sister, but what I DO HAVE is a GROWING TRIBE of Soul Sistahs. Sisterhood has taught me that we are all connected regardless. Love is love.

Thank you to everyone who has read a single blog post, who has attended an event of mine, who watches my YouTube videos, and listens to my podcasts. You are my inspiration, TRILL sh*t.

Love + Light,


Esoteric Esa

AKA: Your Esoteric Homegirl

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