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How My Life Path Number Changed My Life!

Are you aware of your talents? Can you name 3 strengths of yours? Bet you can share one hobby you’re so passionate about that if it were a possibility you’d make it your “job” in an instant if it wasn’t for the reality of C.R.E.A.M., right? Truth is, that inner joy you experience from your hobby or hobbies is actually PART of your TALENT you hold within. Sounds silly. Pretty oblivious of us... to reflect on the fact that what we’re natural born leaders at excelling in we kind of don’t recognize how to apply those qualities to our job paths. Side note: some peeps have naturally figured that out— kudos to you!!! :) This sounds off the wall, but our Life Path Numbers in numerology can guide us towards rediscovering what our skills are in this lifetime! I’ve talked about life path numbers previously and made a video on the topic (check my YouTube channel). But here’s a more detailed blog Post on how figuring out our life path numbers can help us work out the kinks of confusion we can sometimes encounter in our professional life. When I discovered I’m a Master 11 back in 2014 I really resonated with all the generic descriptions I could find on the number. At the time I think I was operating more as an 11/2 than a full 11, which in my humble opinion takes lots of time, struggle, experiences, valleys and peaks to finally embody in its fullest potential. After my spiritual awakening my outlook on life completely changed, which ultimately led me to become more aligned with my life path 11. I always knew at a young age that I enjoyed arts, communications, and teaching/sharing knowledge. I was in love with history growing up. Makes sense now that I think about how much I’ve always enjoyed reading about past civilizations and their love for what’s now considered esoteric knowledge. It’s interesting to see where I’m at today in my professional career and how I’m merging my journalism /marketing communications background I’ve garnered from music entertainment with my spiritual journey and life mission! It’s funny how things just fall into place. Researching my life path number allowed me to pin point my quality traits and reassured me of what I secretly already knew I was good at but never quite believed I was good at. Get where I’m going? Intuitively we all know what we rock at when we don’t allow our self-critic in our heads to convince us of otherwise. What I’m getting at is that uncovering your life path number is only going to give you that chuckle as you sit there reassured thinking, “yeah... this is DEFINITELY ME.” Every life path owns its own unique positive traits and negative traits. We’re human after all and it is only human to be flawed. But it is our spiritual right to work on our flaws in order to become the best humans we can be. Our life path numbers are so on point with where we can excel and how we can work on becoming better, which is why it’s crucial to utilize this info for the better. Figuring out your skills to see how you can apply your gifts to this world while making a career out of it - watch the magic happen. ;) So there are life paths 1-9 then Masters 11, 22, and 33. If you’re not sure how to calculate your life path through the old fashion method here’s a link to help you with that: Once you discover your number I highly recommend you do as much research as possible online and through books! Don’t forget to watch my video as well. I do want to make it a point to note that I’m in no sense giving out any life advice that you should jump ship, leave all your life responsibilities and make drastic changes to your life at the drop of a dime. This information should be regarded as a tool and resourceful guidance to assist with tapping into your fullest potential so that you’re capable of being the best you possible. Being Cosmically You to the fullest. I personally use numerology to help continue guiding me towards the right career choices I have needed to make to get me to the point where I’m at and I’m saying you can do that too. Do it with good intent, with wise decisions and with confidence. There will never be another you - at least not for another 25,000 years when you’re reincarnated. That’s another post for later. So why not authentically allow yourself to excel in what you’re uniquely tailored to excel at through the esoteric knowledge of your life path number? What’s holding you back? Yourself? We only limit ourselves out of fear so let go of fear and get goin’! I can’t wait to see and hear what you learn about yourself through your life path number! Message me and tell me how true it rings with you! Love & Light, Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad Esoteric Esa Aka: Your Esoteric Homegirl  

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