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Attended my First Latina Focused Event: I was Reminded that Good Energy is Valuable Currency

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending an event that was so special I left taking in something invaluable that I truly didn’t expect to experience. Not because assumed the event wouldn’t move me in the profoundly inspirational manner that it did, but because I had no idea that I needed that experience… what am I talking about?

Okay, okay, here we go… last weekend I attended my first-ever Her Own Lane event hosted by the insanely genuine and kind Nicky G – she’s the brand creator of Her Own Lane. What originally drew my interest to the event was the fact that a: it was organized by Nicky (a young Latina professional) and b: the topic focused on the theme of “Breaking Cycles + Keeping Traditions Alive.”

Personally, I land in between this somewhat weird unspoken category of being BOTH first-generation and second-generation Latina. I am first-generation on my father’s side and second-generation on my mother’s side. Therefore, I have my own internal conversations about how I want to share my heritage and legacy through my work here on earth and through my future family I plan on nurturing later in life. I never really had anyone I could relate to in these terms… or so I thought I didn’t, until I attended the Her Own Lane event.

There was so much magic in one room. *I still get so warm and fuzzy inside recollecting my experience* Immediately upon arrival I observed several women of all ages and Hispanic backgrounds waiting to register for the event. I picked up on the vibe of excitement they emitted. We were all there because we had that commonality of wanting to be around other fellow Latinas who are going through similar challenges and triumphs. I was so excited to be in an environment that offered so much positivity and support of women. From the featured panelists to the Latina-owned businesses onsite selling as vendors – it was MAGIC to see us all SUPPORTING each other’s dreams.

Questions for the panel, which was moderated by Nicky G, ranged from the common naivete of money management to self-care suggestions to discussing the epitome of what our own various definitions of what it means to be Latina. It was so interesting for me to sit back and observe the fact that as much as I am uniquely different – all of us are beautifully unique – I am not in this alone. I was so inspired by hearing the panelists’ stories of how they’ve overcome specific challenges and turned them into educational moments. I truly was so moved. I left inspired. I left reenergized to continue my personal journey – let’s face it, burnout is real. I left excited for the future of our culture.

Lastly, I left so impressed by the hard work that Nicky G put into her event. I highly suggest you attend and support any of Nicky’s upcoming events because they certainly offer value.

Point of this post: this is my way of reminding you that inspiration can be found anywhere. When you experience those moments of burnout or doubt, remember why you started and never forget that there’s a community for EVERYONE.

Many of those gals in that day will likely never know how much they inspired me… I only hope to inspire those around me equally, whether with this blog, with my YouTube channel, with all the creative work I put out – that’s my goal. Good Energy is Valuable Currency. Never forget.

Love & Light



AKA: Your Esoteric Homegirl

Photo credit: Joel of Flashpoint Grafix

My dear Friend Laura (left) and Myself supporting Orgullosa Clothing Brand.

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