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How to Stay Motivated thru Your Mindset

How to stay motivated

We’ve all heard the phrase “you’ve got the same 24 hours in a day as Beyonce.” We all have the same 24 hours as one another (time is an illusion, but necessary IMHO). So why is it that some of us are not able to focus on the goals we aspire to achieve or accomplish the reality we desire and seek? Answer: because the drive isn’t there and the faith is lacking.

Tenacity and faith will get any human being down that road to success. Sometimes we just get taken off course purposely or by unexpected circumstances – that’s okay, but remember we hold the power to change our reality. At times I even get lost in the sauce of the everyday rat race. Moments of self-doubt are normal. Believe it or not, you, myself, and even your boss or cousin, all have at one point experienced these emotions of uncertainty and laziness. Although these emotions are associated with negative connotations, I’d like to remind you that these less than desired emotions are what help us get the needed jump start. They’re crucial to our purpose in life. Without them we wouldn’t understand what it feels like to experience the profound joy of all the internal work it took to get you to the top of that iceberg.

That’s what sets apart successful individuals from the rest. Side note: be mindful that you should have your own definition of success and it is absolutely okay for it to vary from my definition or anyone else’s definition.

Here’s what is needed to stay motivated:

  1. Basics. Figure out your goal or go back to what your original goal was and remember why it mattered.

  2. Figure out your next step. It could be as simple as I’m going to wake up earlier or I am going to set a schedule to make myself more dedicated to this goal. Small or detailed, regardless, figure out your next step!

  3. Self-discipline. This is where about 90% of folks drop off. This applies to everything from losing weight, getting that promotion, becoming better at a weakness, starting a business. Trust me, I’ve been through it! Focus on self-discipline even on the days you’re too tired, dealing with personal issues or reconsidering your worth. DON’T! Don’t do any of that. The moment you allow yourself to succumb to laziness. Turn that attitude around and don’t abandon it.

  4. Repetitive behavior equates to results. This goes hand in hand with self-discipline. Go, go, go. Practice, practice, practice. Do, do, do. What we focus on grows. Here’s where 5% of the remaining 10% stop. Sometimes it will become mundane or you’ll feel like you’re going nowhere or you’re not getting the results fast enough or you’re not seeing the road become any easier or you’re not being recognized for the hard work you’re exuding into that goal. YES, ALL OF THAT WILL PROBABLY HAPPEN! The road is going to be a mess filled with ups and downs, some dead ends and some straight and narrow fast tracks to breakthroughs. It’s the result of all the self-discipline you’ve practiced. Repetition is a driving key to setting yourself apart in the universe. You’ve now mastered the mentality, aura, and energy of a successful mindset. Opportunities become more prevalent stemming from steps 1-4.

  5. Always remember you’re worthy. You’re worthy of good things happening to you. You’re worthy of abundance. You’re worthy of happiness. You’re worthy of success. Always remember that! IF you don’t think you’re worthy rest assured the person next to you thinks they’re worthy enough and because of THAT mentality they’re going to achieve the success you WANTED. Not to be envious, because there’s enough abundance in this universe for EVERYONE to succeed. But if you don’t believe you certainly won’t achieve. Isn’t it funny that a corny phrase can end up being so relatable? Ha!

No one has all the answers or is perfect. But the key to staying motivated in short, is understanding that drive and determination will get you there. This is all probably information you already knew. Good, now go apply it to your life. 😊

Stay motivated friends because you never who you might inspire through your behavior.

Wishing you the very best,

Love & Light

Your Esoteric Homegirl Jasmin

Instagram: @esoteric_esa Youtube: @esoteric_esa Blog: @souliminati

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