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Modern Day Lightworkers: Finding your Purpose

It’s been said that many people don’t find their life’s calling or life purpose until the second half of their life. Something that has been on my conscious lately is how can people go their entirety of their lives or half of their lives without really figuring out their true talents and how they are beyond capable of adding valuable contributions to our humanity. I’m not faulting anyone and nor am I judging or thinking anything less of those people. From my perspective, I think that we all go through many transitional periods in our lives meant to lead us towards the discovery and development of our gifts. That’s a no-brainer, every phase is meant to teach us something. It’s up to us to open our third eye to see what the lesson or blessing is and how to apply that moving forward and making sure that we pass on such knowledge.

Personally, I’ve always felt a huge amount of personal pressure to figure out what the heck it is I’m meant to contribute in this lifetime to help others. For the last few years I’ve juggled back and forth the uncertainty of why I feel this extreme urge to “hurry up and figure it out!” I’m really into numerology and the moment I discovered my life path 11 I realized, “okay, you need to get serious, buckle up, and explore different avenues of your positive traits to see how they can lead me to my true purpose.” <-- That was me reiterating my subconscious thoughts. Haha.

Currently, I’m really enjoying excelling in my career and personal life. Truly, things are going phenomenal and I have no complaints. My family is all in good health and I am reaping the benefits of my hardworking efforts in my career path. However, life can’t be too perfect, right? You always have to go through certain challenges or assignments, in opinion, assigned by the universe to keep our souls growing and attain our highest selves. I understand wholeheartedly that I am a what some call themselves “lightworker,” and figuring out my own avenue of “lightworking” is my new determination. I am super excited to finally start working on this and taking ownership of my purpose. I guess why I’m blogging this is to find out who out there has figured out their life’s calling, and how did they do it? I want to start a discussion of what other folks are doing out there to make this a better place for humanity. There’s far too much negativity in humanity at the moment, and I think many people are “waking up” and realizing it’s time to make changes for the better. So I ask, what’s your area of expertise in lightworking and how did you find your path towards your life’s purpose?

Thanks for reading!

-Jasmin of Souliminati


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