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Are you a Nasty Woman? Finding Inspiration in a Paradoxical Era

*Disclaimer: This is not a political post, rather, an opinion piece.

Donald Trump probably had no idea he’d be the catalyst to a pro-pussy movement when he dubbed Hilary Clinton as a “nasty woman.”

Joke is on him, right? Thanks, President Trump. Thank you for being you, and consequently shedding light. You’ve reflected the uncomfortable truth: SEXISM truly exists in today’s “modern society.”

But most importantly, thank you for giving birth to thousands - probably millions, of newfound Nasty Women.

What’s a Nasty Woman you ask?

Here’s a loose definition: She doesn’t necessarily have to label herself as a FEMINIST, but she certainly believes in equality for ALL.

A Nasty Woman is comprised of courage, strength, and giving zero fucks when it comes to standing up for what is right. She’s not always sugar and spice, and everything nice.

If you can relate with any of the above, turns out, you are a Nasty Woman. Congrats! You’re a badass who aspires to bring about change for the better of humanity.

Now that you’ve confirmed what you intuitively knew already… go out and do something! Whether it is something as small as carefully articulating your words when you communicate or going out and protesting. Every positive action is a contribution to bringing about CHANGE. It starts with you.

Stay brave, stay inspired, and most importantly, stay true to your nasty self.

Love & Light,

  • Jasmin Alejandrez of SOULIMINATI

About Contributing Writer, Jasmin:

Jasmin is in no way a self-proclaimed spiritual advisor, guru or teacher. The intentions of this post, along with all contributing posts via SOULIMINATI, are to provide educational formats for those seeking to learn more while on their ever-evolving spiritual journey. The goal is to create good intentions through clothing, crystals, and blog posts. Peace.

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