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New affirmations deck: “Malas Palabras,” an affirmation deck to help you speak the unthinkable! Intentional affirmations to reframe taboo dirty thoughts into destigmatized words of power as anti-colonial spells.  Designed, curated and written by Esoteric Esa (Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad).


This 30-card deck will help you transform dirty words for decolonial power as it touches on subjects of ancestral healing, sexual liberation, shadow work and abundance mindset phrases. Malas Palabras is Spanish translation for the terms, bad words. I’ve always had a powerful voice with ample curse words to match it. This is for those of us who’ve always been told to “watch our mouth” because of the profanity we’ve used while speaking our truth. Or for just plain, saying what others are thinking, but won't say. Your words are your self-induced spells you break or create. Let this deck help you shift your mindset further into an unapologetically authentic manifesting baddie.


Cards are square and 3.5 x 3.5, perfect for you to shuffle, fit in your purse or pocket to provide affirmations on-the-go! 


Free shipping.


They are printed in the U.S. Only accepting domestic orders within the U.S.

ALSO! My community favorite, Modern Spiritual Latina Oracle ®️ deck will be restocked by Spring 2024! Thank you for your continued support as an independently published creator, your money helps keep my business afloat and allows me to invest back into our community to circulate wealth within. 


All sales are final. No refunds.

Please include correct shipping address when checking out. 


Shipping can be expected via USPS 3-5 days with tracking and insured.

Malas Palabras Affirmation Deck by Esoteric Esa

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