New Moon in Pisces March 13th Makes Dreams a Reality 2021

March 13, 2021, we undergo a watery Pisces new moon!

The rhythm of the seasons remind us of the infinite teetering between beginnings and returns that we experience throughout our journeys. For every beginning there is an end. This Pisces new moon March 13th assists us with embarking on new pursuits to fulfill our deepest desires in making the unattainable worthy of reconsideration as we view life from an enthusiastic lense. This new moon in Pisces will have you inspired to manifest pending dreams that expired before they could reach your reality. Revisit what makes you feel connected to your highest self this new moon.

There’s a whimsical naivete that will float in the air as Venus and Neptune will be conjunct on March 13th for the new moon in Pisces. There will be four planets sitting in Pisces creating for an ultra staycation stellium. This energy induces the need for ease of indulgence before the harvest is ready. Meaning, make your next two weeks easy and light. This is a transit that thrives off effervescence, pleasant experiences, and receives momentum when you allow yourself to embrace your inner creative. Yes, you are creative and intuitive. This transit will help you understand those undertones of your soul in a keen manner.

The Pisces new moon will encourage you to invest in yourself. Take a day off, book a staycation, go on that shopping spree, and most importantly, revisit any limiting subconscious beliefs. There are no limits with this many planets in Pisces, which can attribute to reckless and thoughtless behavior. Note that Pisces and Neptune are the rulers of illusions, which will require utilizing your use of discernment as the core basis of your choices over the next two weeks.

Pisces brings awareness in the avenues of death, dreams, closure, healing, karmic cycles, and the subconscious mind. Expect your dreams, imagination and psychic awareness to be hypervigilant at this time. Take your time the next two weeks and ground your intentions at this time.

Signs that will feel the most energetically? Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius peeps, this transit will have you flying high and feeling on cloud 9. You can have these signs in your sun, moon, rising and venus!

May you manifest wisely,

Esoteric Esa

Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad

Astrologer + Numerologist

Creator of The Modern Spiritual Latina Oracle (Trademarked)