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When I first started my journey into the metaphysical community I was a bit apprehensive. Intuitively I knew I wanted to learn more and appease my curiosity because I naturally had a love for astrology, crystals, and tarot. It took me a REALLY long time to get real with myself.

A long journey filled with days of uncertainty and doubt to finally arrive at the place that I am now: standing in my purpose.

It can be intimidating when you first dive into the world of esoteric knowledge because it still is to this day a very obscure community. Recently, pop culture/mainstream media/big brand corps have shown a lot of favoritism towards New Age beliefs and the metaphysical community for the benefit of corporate America. The plus side to all of that is there's more of an understanding and tolerance for these taboo ideas. Hopefully this newfound integration of spirituality in American culture opens up doors for the true healers, metaphysicians, practicioners, priestesses, etc.

For years I always secretly Googled about palm reading, astrology, herbal remedies, and tarot before I fully felt confident enough to publicly claim my affinity for these esoteric teachings.

I grew up in a Catholic household and was always told to steer clear of all the things I was Googling but my intuition always told me otherwise. Maybe it's because my grandmother is a psychic palm reader herself and I was exposed to these things at a very early age. Actually, my first stone I received was a rose quartz from my grandmother when I was probably 8 or 9 years old. At the time I thought it was just a rock, but now I look back and appreciate how she was sprinkling love into my life early on.

I was always timid about embracing my spirituality. Actually, it wasn't until I did a comprehensive natal chart analysis on myself through Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology that I really processed the fact that I am meant to be of service to others through mysticism and spirituality through communication whether via written, social media, public speaking, etc. It's written all over my ascendant, my midheaven, my jupiter, the houses they land in. This is why I am such a huge advocate for self-empowerment through all these lost teachings that our ancestors knew were so powerful. They really help us better understand ourselves as tools of assistance.

We don't have to be radical with our beliefs. We can absolutely believe in many things, religions, traditions, cultures, practices, etc. I have friends who call themselves omnists, or practice a duality of religion and spirituality and some who are simply spiritualists.

We're evolving as a consciousness and the past rigid days of forcing influence of solely resonating with one religion or practice are slowly fading as we shift. And, if for you that still works and is the way you jive, then kudos to you. I am not here to force my beliefs or to put anyone or anything down. Not my cup of tea. Just here to tell you my story. :)

How have you overcome spiritual stigma? Meaning, in what ways did you get real with yourself to arrive at the place in which you decided to proclaim your truest desires for any sort of spiritual or metaphysical avenues such as crystal stones, astrology, numerology, palm reading, etc? I'd love to hear from you in the comments of this post or on my Instagram @esoteric_esa.

Love + Light,


Esoteric Esa

AKA: Your Esoteric Homegirl

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