Recharge, Relax, Recollect, Receive - Importance of Mercury RX

Happy 1st of the month, of the final month of 2018.

This blog post is meant to shed light on one of my favorite topics: Mercury RX. Yes, I have done plenty of posts and videos on the planet, but I'll be covering a different aspect of Merc RX that I have yet to share with you.

We're very much aware that the planet Mercury goes into RX about 4xs a year. Face the reality honey, it's often and it ain't going no where. Why? Sure, we automatically like to stigmatize it with a negative connotation - understandably. Yet, what most of us tend to overlook is the VALUE behind Mercury RX and WHY IT HAPPENS more frequently than any other planet RX.

Have you any clue as to why we NEED Merc RX? Here's why, Us as spirits going through this human experience need moments in our lives where we are held ACCOUNTABLE and given OPPORTUNITIES to recharge, relax, recollect, and receive.

Merc RX seasons are the BEST times to force ourselves to work on those pesky emotions, experiences or habits that we sometimes need tending to. It's like a garden. We must tend to our garden in order to grow. We must take time to nurture through our appropriate seasons and blossom when our roots have mastered the dirty work in the soil. That's what Merc RX blesses us with. The opportunity to reflect and say, okay maybe I need to continue practicing patience, maybe I need to work on the way I communicate, maybe I need to focus on my self-love, etc.

Bet you're saying, WELL BAD THINGS ALWAYS HAPPEN DURING MERC RX. Sure, there's ALWAYS a possibility of unfavorable events at any given moment, that's life y'all.

This most recent Merc RX I decided to do some internal reflection work. I felt unbalanced energy wise and I wanted to seek some clarity and center myself because of the situations I've been around recently have thrown me out of sorts, AGAIN, that's life right?

Meet Judy - above right, she's a Master Reiki Healer and Astral Numerologist with a specialty in Cartomancy. Random! What does she have to do with this entire blog post? LOL! Well, I went to see Judy during this Merc RX, originally for a custom numerology report (again, I wanted some clarity on the current events RX brought about in my life), which was quite different than the typical Western Numerology I am used to. Nonetheless, IT WAS PROFOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredibly revealing, powerful and assisted me with taking a moment to reflect, recollect and open myself to receive moving forward through the continuation of this Merc RX season.

After our reading, Judy insisted on doing a quick Reiki session on me because she said I desperately needed it and that I was ANXIOUS AF.

How could I lie? I actually had an anxiety episode on my drive-in to see her that morning, so I laughed and agreed to it. *ENERGY is a DRY Snitch*

First off, I have never had any sort of Reiki healing done on me so this was completely new to me and I decided at that moment to just be open minded and allow myself the opportunity to recharge and receive.

Judy instructed me to lie on my back facing up on a raised flat bed. After she cleansed both our auras with some palo santo and did her prayer to set the intention of bringing me any healing needed she then placed a sound bowl on my stomach and began to make sound with her instrument and I could feel the vibration of sound within my entire body. It was very relaxing, and I'm sure that's probably the purpose of why she used it. Then she maneuvered her hands around my body, assuming along certain chakras, and I could LITs feel the energy and heat move within me. Let me be clear, she wasn't touching my body at all, it was all energy work. It was a really cool experience that lasted for about 10 minutes because I had to hurry out to my next engagement.

Immediately after the session was done I felt the most centered and relaxed I have EVER felt in my entire life. It was so foreign to me since I am the type of individual who is always go, go, go, go, always moving. Reiki healing in my humble opinion is a definite opportunity to allow ourselves the chance to recharge, relax, recollect and receive --- especially during times of retrogrades.

I highly encourage it if you're interested in trying it out.

Aside from having such a wonderful experience with Judy as my reader - she has given me the honor of featuring her at my upcoming Seminar this Dec. 16 as a guest speaker. I am so excited to introduce her to everyone in attendance.

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