What's Your Scorpio Szn Pac Persona Song?

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Scorpio Szn is COMING! It’s a time where we can embody our inner PAC Personas, which notoriously fall in line w Scorpio’s traits of being Passionate, Persuasive, Ambitious & times secretive. READ BELOW to see which 2Pac song I’ve paired w your Zodiac Sign! ✨❣️✌🏽Have fun. Note: Pac is a Gemini but his image was very Scorpio-esque. ______________________________________________________________________________________

Aries: Ruled by Mars – and well known for your competitive nature, Pac’s song “Ambitionz Az a Ridah” is likely a go-to hype anthem guaranteed to get you in your leader mentality!

Taurus: Peace & tranquility is first nature for you, when you can get past your sometimes-stubborn tendencies, which is why “I Ain’t Mad at Cha” is the perfect bittersweet melody for your nostalgic needs!

Gemini: Duality is your secret power. You can go from opposite ends of the spectrum in a graceful quickness. You’re unique in that sense and in turn attract many friends/admirers. “Never Had a Friend Like Me” is your power song!

Cancer: Known for your intuitiveness and always in your feelings, ha! No worries, nothing wrong with being in tune w our emotions – that’s a positive trait. You’re inclined to making close connections with people especially your mom, which is why “Dear Mama” is your tune!

Leo: Born for the drama & almost always the center of attention, because you unknowingly seek it. An entertainer without hesitation, everything is always “All About U.”

Virgo: Deep-thinker and always analytical nothing gets passed you! Sometimes you can be too hard on yourself with all that pressure to be perfect. Take time to relax and remember that you’re doing your best while enjoying “Keep Ya Head Up.”

Libra: “All Eyez On Me” should be part of your life’s soundtrack because you certainly know how to turn heads and captivate the attention of anyone who comes across your charismatic nature.

Scorpio: Ruled by Pluto – small but mighty planet of mysterious nature. You know how to keep us all intrigued. Sometimes your elusive nature can have people misjudge you, but remind them that “Only God Can Judge Me.”

Sagittarius: You’re as passionate as they get. When you set a goal, you’ll go through any obstacle or challenge needed to get to the top of that mountain. Try adding “Thug Passion” to your next jam session.

Capricorn: You tend to be too serious, but that’s because you’re driven to work hard for what you achieve. It’s okay to lighten up and allow people to see your silly side. Have fun with some lighthearted party music, “Gangsta Party.”

Aquarius: Happily navigating life by the beat of your own drum you often times have no clue that your unique ways in doing things can offend folks. But that’s not the point, when your intentions mean well all you want to do is have fun, so do just that with “Ain't No Fun.”

Pisces: If we could get inside that imagination of yours Pisces we’d probably understand why you can be so caught up in your own world at times. From philosophical theories to the plain simple questioning of why ppl behave the way they do – you are always questioning life. You’ve probably even wondered “If Heaven Got a Ghetto.” Ha!

Love & Light,

Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad

Esoteric Esa

AKA: Your Esoteric Homegirl


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