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Reiki Energy Healing Session (In-Person)

Includes Chakra Reading, Spirit Guides Messages + Aura Reading

  • 1 hour
  • 200 US dollars
  • Location 1

About this Service

Glendora, California Performed by Esoteric Esa - An Integrative Experience NOTE: In-Person Appointment. Do not book unless you are able to be in L.A. County, California at the time of your appointment. Only taking prior male clients or male clients upon referral by a previous or current customer/client. Duration: 1 hour Location: Glendora, CA Includes an in-person Reiki healing session. I am a certified Reiki practitioner under the Dr. Usui lineage. This is a comfortable session that is non-invasive and often times connects you with your higher self and ancestors during the session. Helps address chakra blockages. Afterwards, I share with you an analysis of the session and how to keep chakras open and why they were closed. I also share which guides were present during the session with you there that you might have seen as well due to the exchange of Reiki energy helping you tap into a higher realm of consciousness. Includes 3 oracle card pulls at the end from your higher self. This service is ideal to open your chakra system, attune and strengthen your energy field. This also helps with auric repair, connecting with your spirit team and removing energetic parasites or karmic chords. This will help you feel at ease, lighter and at peace with your true self. This service aligns your energy. Great to combat stress and toxic situations. Helps usher in energy healing to your physical body as well. I use musical instruments during this sessions as instructed by your guides. No returns, no refunds, final sale. Not meant to be substituted for professional medical support. Not legally held responsible for decisions you make based off this service. Esoteric Esa (Jasmin) is of Mexican-Peruvian-American descent who is a second generation psychic medium, tarot reader. She is a professional Astrologer and Numerologist and has been performing readings and sessions for our community since 2018. She's also the podcast host of Better Work Bitch! Podcast, the creator of The Modern Spiritual Latina Oracle, and a freelance writer for many top Latinx media and major pop culture brands as a Spiritual expert. Her focus is to eliminate the negative misconceptions surrounding brujeria and taboo spiritual subjects in the Latinx culture. She's been a Creative Entrepreneur since 2017. Her work has been featured in Buzzfeed PeroLike, Cosmopolitan, POPSUGAR, We All Grow Latina and E! news. 

Cancelation Policy

No cancelations. Final sale

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  • USA

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