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Become spiritually wealthy with the hidden knowledge of Tarot and become a novice Tarot reader. Or are you looking to go pro? You need this course to help you leverage your intutitive abilities and storytelling mindset to give powerful tarot readings for clients.


Tarot for Beginners Independent Learner Package: Pre-recorded includes:

There are 4 presentations, 5 audio mini lectures, 7 printable Tarot PDFs to learn from. 


Instant Download.

Accessible for All.

Best for Beginners at Tarot.

Go at your own pace. This is a self-paced course. Instant download.


No live support. No access to Esoteric Esa.


Stop scouring the internet for Tarot meanings. Have everything all in one place for you! Reading Tarot made easy. I've compiled my definitions and recommendations so you don't have to do any researching or leg work. 


We do not meet virtually or 1-1. This is all downloadable and is for purchase to keep infinitely on your end. 


You will have access to my Tarot for Beginners + Combinations online course at your lesiure for instant downloadable access. However, I am not live teaching you. But, it comes with all the original coursework, presentations, and instructions from the live Tarot Beginners course. 


This purchase doesn't come with a Tarot deck so you must purchase one on your own in order to get the most out of this course. Also details how to read Oracle cards.



What do you receive?

Along with PDF pamphlets created specifically for this course with exclusive rights to Esoteric Esa. 

You will leave this class knowing the basics of all Major and Minors, but also knowing how to create/read your own spreads and learning how to read combinations of cards to put them together into storytelling.


This is less about lecture and more about built-in exercises for hands-on knowledge and experience building for students to retain the knowledge behind Tarot and its sacred divination abilities.

You will learn about the Astrology and Numerology of Tarot. Also, you'll learn how to create a proper reading, how to learn clarifiers, reversals and the business 101 practices of being a Tarot Reader. 


No need to wait. No need to join in a group setting. This is great for independent learners and busy people who wish to learn Tarot according to their own schedule. 


Not held legally responsible for any decisions made based off my courses or readings. 


This is final sale. No refunds or exchanges. We do not meet 1-1 or live. No live support from Esoteric Esa. All self-paced and self-taught on your end. 

Tarot for Beginners Course $150.00/ instant access / self-guided course

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