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Completely self-guided. Go at-your-own pace with my e-workbook Brujeria for Beginners e-course. Formally taught in live circles, not easily accessible for those who are busy, but still want the growth. 


Access it soon as you pay with this instant download feature to help you become better aquainted with the magic inside of you.


Great for brujx/witches of all types and levels. There is an emphasis on Mexican and Peruvian along with Occult teachings all curated by Esoteric Esa for this easy to follow along course. 


Here's What You Get:

Ready to tap into Brujeria? *Good brujeria* ;) 


This is a 3-series online self-guided PDF eWorkbook course to help you go from confused and lost to empowered and knowledgeable in working with Magic/Brujeria to manifest, protect and activate your ancestral lineages.


This course is rooted in Latina/o Brujeria foundations with influence from Hermetics, Qabbalah, and Mexican/Peruvian Spiritual Methods. 


Week 1- Brujeria Basics, Ancestral Lineage Activation, 
Week 2- Plant Magic and Planetary/Galactic Magic
Week 3- Elemental Magic and Invoking Gods/Deities/Goddesses, How to do Offerings

Total of 3 PDFs with informative tips, rituals, exercises and my own magic recommendations.


Produced by: Esoteric Esa (AKA: Your Esoteric Homegirl Jasmin) The Modern Spiritual Latina

Final sale. No refunds/exchanges or rollovers. Not legally held responsible for any decisions you make based off my services or readings. 
This is an e-online course with PDF pamphlets and doesn't guarantee anything other than receiving knowledge. No videos included.

Brujeria for Beginners $111.11 / instant access / self-guided course

  • Three 10 page PDFs with curriculum and exercises to makeup your self-guided ecourse and eworkbook investment.

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