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Become Spiritually Wealthy with this Masterclass.


Learn how to leverage your love for astrology into a converting wealthy business as an Astrologer, Astro writer, Astro forecaster and build influence in the Astro community once you complete this self-paced eCourse. 


How? You'll become an Astrologer in 48 hours! If you decide to study non-stop. Literally, I've compiled EVERYTHING you need to know to begin your Entry-Level Astrologer Career in 2024! You can also go-at-your-own-pace.


With this self-guided e-masterclass, you'll feel confident and won't need to waste time searching the internet for research or study info. I've included 8 PDF eWorkbooks in this instant access, instant downloadable eCourse and recommended homework.  This is the year you change careers and feel fulfilled.


Time to build an Astrology Career.


By the end of this course you will be a beginner's level Astrologer and be able to speak confidently on natal charts and astrology forecasting. 


Have an affinity for astrology?

Want to evolve from an enthusiast to entry level Astrologer?


There are 8 modules in this curriculum.


What do you learn?
Module 1: Astrology Philosophy, The Wheel, The Houses, The Signs, Archetypes + Zodiacs
Module 2: Planets, Asteroids, Nodes, Chart Rulers and Inner/Outer Planets.
Module 3: Aspects, Planetary Connections, The Language of Charts and Transits
Module 4: New Moons, Full Moons, Retrogrades, Eclipses 
Module 5: Rare Markings in a Chart, Malefics and Benefics
Module 6: Celebrity Chart Examples, How to Read a Chart Basics
Module 7: How to Create and Write Forecasts
Module 8: Understanding Exalted, Debilitated Positions, Power Moves in a Chart, Graduation


No live meetings required. No video included. All PDF you can keep infinitely.

All sales final. No returns, refunds, rainchecks or rollovers. 

Astrologer Masterclass $1,000.00 / instant access/ self-guided

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