Feeling confused or lost spiritually? Is that translating over into your career and even into your interpersonal relationships? Are you a Master Number unsure of which route to proceed? I've been through all of that and can assure you that there is light amidst the anxiety. These 1 hour 1-on-1 Consulting sessions between you and I enable us to interact in a very focused environment specifically tailored to your needs. Whether in-person or via Video Conference, we meet in whichever environment preference you feel most comfortable in and get deep into your soil. We utilize the hour together to not sugarcoat but get into your natal aspects and numerology numbers to help assist you with your goals in my Intuitive approach that I've applied to my own life successfully. These sessions are $200 per session and instill you with what you need to walk away with the self-empowerment and resources needed to start your journey standing in your power. Usually 1 session is all it takes to get you on the right path. No more fears, just faith and love. Book today! 

1-1 Session Intuitive Consulting